Hi everyone!
My name's Brittany.
I'm new to LiveJournal and have joined so that I can connect with other collectors like myself. I myself collect Digimon, Pokemon and Dragonball/Dragonball Z items. My collecting started mid-last year - fuelled by my need for nostalgia from the childhood I barely had - and has since grown into an obsession (a positive obsession).

And it all started with this little guy! n_n
 photo d5e2f703-9590-40a3-9346-47f9a0d17fcf_zps55b372df.jpg

My Favourite Pokemon is Jolteon. Favourite Digimon is Gatomon and favourite Dragonball Z character is Gotenks.

This is my collection of all three to date:
 photo bee0a182-6b4e-4a68-a8b9-ccf0c37b028d_zps55ecdea5.jpg

Thanks for reading!
Until next time.



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